SuperBeets® Sport 20 Servings


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SuperBeets Sport is a unique Nitric Oxide superfood formulation that provides dietary nitrates & nitrites in a proprietary and standardized ratio to help activate more Nitric Oxide than conventional beet juice. Featuring patented Nitric Oxide technology from world-renowned research institutions, SuperBeets Sport is clinically shown to increase endurance and stamina up to 18%, helping athletes train harder and recover faster between high intensity intervals.ƚ

SuperBeets Sport also includes organic coconut water powder to support hydration and electrolyte replenishment.

SuperBeets Sport is NSF Certified for Sport and Informed-Sport Certified, making it guaranteed to be free of more than 280+ prohibited substances.

ƚIn a double-blind performance study, cyclists who used the beet root powder formula in SuperBeets Sport were shown to recover faster between high intensity intervals (HIIT), which allowed them to work out 18% longer, for an increase in reps and improved all-around performance.